· By Dana Schoonover

What I've gained from our time in quarantine:)

A Target run is one of the highlights of my week. I love making the list, planning the menus and rolling up and down the aisle with a Starbucks in hand.

Now going to the grocery store is pretty terrifying to say the least, with everyone wearing masks and some using gloves too. The whole dynamic has changed, and what I used to love, I have come to dread. 

There are so many wonderful things that have been taken away with the arrival of this virus, but I think it's time to 'flip the script' and focus on things we have gained instead.

I've started a list and I would LOVE to hear about the things you've gained as well! 

  1. More time to play with my family; this one was pretty easy to see, but I just feel lucky to have this time while all 3 boys still want to hang out with me to bake cookies, and do puzzles and play games.
  2. Virtual Happy Hours! How did we not come up with this before?? My husband and I set up 2 last weekend and have another 2 this weekend:) I get dressed up for them and we chat and have a cocktail and just what's not to love??? This is one that I'm totally taking with me when we leave Corona!
  3. My high school AP European History teacher does a zoom lesson with my boys twice a week. Desperation breeds some my best ideas, and when I learned I was supposed to home school and we were in limbo without a plan from our school district, I decided I needed to call in the experts! Full disclosure, my favorite history teacher married my aunt a few years ago, so the 'ask' wasn't tremendous, but it has been an amazing time to connect with other cousins who are out of school while brushing up on the Roman Empire.
  4. Getting a therapy crash course. It's not easy being cooped up with your family 24/7 and I'll just be honest and tell you there has been lots of yelling;) but lots of work being done too. We talk about what we need from each other and are open about when we need time by ourselves and discuss allllllllll the feelings - we've just saved hundreds of $$$$ by working it out together!
  5. Feeling overwhelming gratitude is such a gift. While I was at Target this week, sad because it was no longer my 'happy place',  I also felt incredible gratitude for everyone from the cashier to the stockists who were making it possible for me to take food home for my family, and putting themselves at risk to to that. Healthcare workers, delivery people, restaurants, I can't imagine how we'll ever show them enough gratitude and appreciation. 

So, what would you add to this list? What have you FOUND in this season of life? Send me a message here or on social media @never_a_wallflower - I would truly love to hear it!!