· By Dana Schoonover

Stay entertained -inexpensive cosmetics fun during quarantine!

I haven't gone ANYWHERE in 2 weeks - not the grocery store or pharmacy, nowhere. Desperation is the mother of invention, and I've been looking for fun ways to entertain myself  - you too??? Awesome! 

My last sojourn out into the world took me to Target and even though it wasn't the most FUN trip I've ever taken there (I may have PTSD from the masks and gloves we were all wearing), I didn't want to squander it. As I rolled my overloaded cart up to checkout I passed the cosmetics department and thought, EUREKA! I"ll swap out some of my normal makeup for the least expensive brand here - E.L.F. Cosmetics - I mean, who's going to see me?? What does it matter if it all looks terrible??

Let me just say that I've always been a bit of a snob when it comes to cosmetics. I worked at the Perscriptives (does anyone remember that brand) in college and just love the packaging and pigments and everything about it. So, except for my well documented obsession with Lorel mascara, my makeup bag is 95% department store brands.

If you aren't familiar with E.L.F., some of their products cost as little as $1 and I found nothing over $6. With those prices, even if everything was terrible I would be out like $25!

Well, jokes on me, because friends I found some things I love and will continue to use even when the outside world will see my face again!

Here are the 5 products I've come to LOVE:

1. Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow $5: Look, I love anything with 'glitter' in the title, so it didn't take much to sell me on this product. Sometimes though, glitter eyeshadow is too intense and I end up looking ridiculous. This applicator was super easy to use, the formulation is really subtle and doesn't say 'I'M WEARING GLITTER' Also, at $5, there's really nowhere to go wrong here.


2. Instant Lift Eye Pencil $2- I'm at an age where if you promise me a 'lift', I'm your girl. I'm also at the 'eyebrow bald spot' age so I've been searching for some help (TMI about my eyebrows? sorry about that, I probably just scared younger readers;) Anyway, at $2 I figured what the hay nay and gave it a try. You guys, I love this eyebrow pencil! The color is perfect ( I wear Neutral Brown) and the little brush side just smooths everything out and makes it look great.


3. Hydrating Camo Concealer $6 Another descriptor that will convince me to buy a product? 'Hydrating' Ya'll,  I'm embarrassed to tell you how much I spend on concealer normally, so I thought 'let's save the expensive stuff for when I go back out into the world and give this a try' and I am oh so glad I did! I think I like it better that my normal stuff and it's less than a tenth the price. Now, will it stay on as long? Who knows, but this is definitely worth a try.


4. Blending Sponge $6 Is it necessary? No, you could totally use your fingers to blend in that fabulous concealer I just told you about, but if you want the finish to look flawless spring for the blender too.


5. Sheer Slick Lipstick $5 The climate here in Denver is so dry, I try to never find myself without lip balm or really hydrating lipstick (and often both). This formula is sheer, lightweight, and has moisturizing color.- checks all the boxes for me. 



Alright, go give these a try and tell me what you think!  What do you have to lose? Less than $25 that's what:)