· By Dana Schoonover

Top 3 ways to be happier in quarantine!

Hi friends! How are you holding up in this crazy quarantine?! We've just started week 3 in our house and are finally starting to find a bit of rhythm. Having said that, we start school virtually next week and things could go to Hell in a hand basket who knows?

Whatever next week brings, I'm sticking with my mantra to 'live in the now' this week and I wanted to share a few things that are helping me feel more 'normal'

1. Exercise: If you have been following me on social media, you know how important it is for me to move my body. Without going into a long winded story about living with ADHD;), let's just say, exercise is my medicine and the first few days of this quarantine, that I didn't have my regular workouts, were tough. We can all find a 'new normal' though, and soon enough I got back into a rhythm. I still like to mix it up, and I walk the pups a few miles everyday, but here are a couple online classes I highly recommend:    

        • Compass Fitness: I love this gym! They were part of my 'exercise circuit' before COVID, and now they have a fabulous Facebook group:         https://www.facebook.com/groups/compassfitnessdenverfamily/     where they do live classes a few times a day. Give them a try if none of your regular spots are doing the same thing, but I love seeing familiar faces leading the class and friends taking class with me in the comments! 
        • Core Power Yoga: CPY has studios around the country and as you would expect of a national franchise, they have a great live class subscription service online for $19.99/month. This week, I've been trying out their free recorded classes and have LOVED them. https://www.corepoweryogaondemand.com/
        • The Class by Taryn Toomey: think spiritual dance party! This NYC based workout is unlike any other I done before and feels like I'm meditating while getting sweaty:) 

2. Meditation: I'll be honest, I have been a struggling meditator for a while now and never make it more than 5-10 minutes. I KNOW the benefits of meditation, and KNOW I should make it a part of my routine everyday, but it wasn't until quarantine that I knew FOR SURE I HAD to meditate everyday or rish having 2 children at the end of this instead of 3;) Luckily, the universe brings you what you need, and this week a friend turned me onto @jayshetty. Everyday at 10:30 MST, Jay leads 1000's of people in LIVE meditation on Instagram. If you also struggle to sit still and practice, I HIGHLY recommend finding a guided meditation - it is such a difference maker! 


3. Get Dressed: Who among us hasn't found themselves in their pj's at 3pm during this crazy time? It's so easy to do, who's going to even know! I get it, and most of the time, I too am in yoga pants ready to walk the doggos for the 5th time;) but I feel so much better if I shower, do a little hair and makeup and put on 'real clothes' a few times a week. Zoom happy hours are all the rage - plan one, and then get dressed for it! Has your book club been canceled - start a new one online and wear some cute clothes - it will change your attitude immediately! (maybe we should do that here??? let me know what you think in the comments) This hilarious post from @tomsamet gives us more reasons to put on real clothes from time to time:

So, there you have it my loves! I hope you found at least one thing you can use here and it brings you a bit of happiness:))) Stay tuned as I find new ways to thrive in this time. If you have any great tips & tricks, I would LOVE to hear from you!