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Family Game Night - Quarantine version

When I mentioned our virtual family game night in my Instagram stories a few weeks ago, so many people wanted details:) We've done 2 game nights virtually with 2 sets of friends/families now and I think I can speak with a little more authority after trouble shooting with them!

What do you need to make this work:

  • friends who are flexible and don't need things to work perfectly all the time. This is an important one because with all the technology involved there's bound to be a couple of hick-ups that need to be worked out
  • Jackbox.tv - it's easier if you stream this on your TV using Apple TV or your HDMI cable because everyone can see better, but you can download it on your computer or even your phone. 
  • a phone or tablet for each play - up to 8 ppl can play at once.
  • 2 'camera' computers/tablets that have dialed into a Zoom call or Google Meets. ( you can do this with one 'camera' computer turned to see the TV that the 'host' family has on, but is better when you have a second  'camera' computer pointed at you, so that each family can see the other's reactions.

The game we've always played it Fibbage - each player makes up a 'fib' in answer to a question and earns points when other players guess their answer, hilarious - and when the 'host' family logs into the game they are given a code and each player types that code into their phone to play the same game.

That's it! I know, I know, sounds a little convoluted what with the 87 electronic devices involved, but it's a weird time in our lives and I'm willing to jump through a few more hoops to see my friends:)

Let me know if you try this and how it works for you! I would also love to hear how you are getting creative to find a little more joy during quarantine.



Ps: Want to feel a little more festive for Game Night? Swap out your sweats for a fun Never A Wallflower top and jeans - still comfy, but sooooooo much cuter;)