A More Sustainable World

Our Commitment to Sustainability

It’s no secret the fashion industry isn’t always kind to Mother Earth. In an effort to prioritize environmental sustainability, Never A Wallflower has been making intentional changes within our production process.

Our first stride towards this goal is our utilization of deadstock fabric, with the aim to repurpose 5,000 meters this year alone. (That’s the length of 55 football fields!) Through this initiative, we’ll not only breathe new life into forgotten materials, but also help reduce the demand for virgin resources. 

Moreover, recognizing the detrimental impact of single-use plastics, we’re now working with our manufactures to reduce them all together. Instead, many of our newly produced items are now bundled together with string or shipped in cloth bags. A simple but highly effective alternative!

It’s our hope that these changes will not only add up over time, but inspire our industry peers to make similarly small but impactful shifts! 

Deadstock Fabric

Deadstock fabrics are leftover materials from previous productions or unsold stock from textile mills and apparel manufacturers. Purchasing these high quality materials saves them from ending up in landfills, or even being incinerated.

Reduction of Single-Use Plastic

More than 430 million tons of plastic are produced each year, two-thirds of which is cast aside as waste after just one use. NAW and our manufacturers are switching to simply bundling our newly produced items in string or shipping in cloth bags. Goodbye single-use plastic bags!

Made in Los Angeles

40% of our products are made in Los Angeles. Producing within the US not only keeps the fashion industry alive and humming at home, it greatly reduces the emissions created during shipment process versus shipping from overseas.


Deadstock Used in 2024

We're aiming to use 5,000 yards of deadstock fabric in 2024. Check back often to see our progress...