· By Sarah Whitney

How to Safely Wash Your Cashmere Sweaters in the Washing Machine

Hey there, cashmere lovers! If you've ever owned a luxurious cashmere sweater, you know just how soft and cozy they can be. But when it comes to cleaning these delicate garments, it can be a bit nerve-wracking. Fear not! With the right know-how, you can keep your cashmere looking fabulous for years to come without the hassle of hand-washing. Let's dive into the simple steps to safely wash your cashmere sweaters in the washing machine.

Step 1: Read the Label Before tossing your cashmere into the washing machine, take a moment to check the care label. Most cashmere sweaters will have specific instructions regarding washing and drying. Make sure to follow these guidelines to avoid any mishaps.

Step 2: Use a Gentle Detergent Opt for a mild detergent specially formulated for delicate fabrics. Harsh chemicals can damage the fibers of your cashmere sweater, so it's best to stick to a gentle option.

Step 3: Turn Your Sweater Inside Out To prevent pilling and maintain the softness of your cashmere, turn your sweater inside out before washing. This will help protect the outer surface from friction with other items in the wash.

Step 4: Select the Right Cycle When it comes to washing cashmere, less is more. Choose a delicate cycle on your washing machine to ensure gentle cleaning. Avoid using hot water, as it can cause shrinkage and damage to the fibers.

Step 5: Wash with Like Colors To prevent color bleeding, wash your cashmere sweater with similar colors. Avoid mixing it with items that are prone to bleeding or fading to keep your sweater looking vibrant.

Step 6: Skip the Fabric Softener While fabric softener may seem like a good idea, it's best to steer clear when washing cashmere. The chemicals in fabric softener can leave residue on the fibers, affecting the softness and texture of your sweater.

Step 7: Air Dry Flat After the washing cycle is complete, resist the urge to toss your cashmere sweater in the dryer. Instead, gently squeeze out excess water and lay it flat on a clean towel to air dry. Avoid wringing or twisting the sweater, as this can cause stretching and misshaping.

Step 8: Store with Care Once your cashmere sweater is dry, store it folded neatly in a breathable garment bag or drawer. Avoid hanging it, as this can cause the sweater to lose its shape over time.

And there you have it! With these simple steps, you can safely wash your cashmere sweaters in the washing machine, keeping them looking as good as new for seasons to come. So go ahead, embrace the cozy comfort of your favorite cashmere pieces without the worry of washing woes.

Want a visual guide? Check out this reel on our Instagram - Dana herself will walk you through the steps! Happy laundering! 🧼✨