NAW DIY - Fall Centerpeice

One day I was walking along a sidewalk sale with a good friend of mine, when we found this amazing Fall centerpiece!  When I say amazing I mean it: hollowed out tree trunk as the bowl, real deer antlers, perfectly preserved seed pods and flowers.  So beautiful.....then I saw the price.  The SALE price.  $2200.  That's when I decided I could DIY that badboy!


Ok, so this is going to sound like a long, painful list, but bare with me:)

2 Deer antlers

1 wooden stump about 10" high and 12" diameter

Dried Hydrangea

Salal Leaves - those are the green the expensive arrangement and the yellow in mine

Dried Fan-shaped mushrooms

Oasis Floral Foam 

Hot Glue Gun


You will notice that I did not use the exact floral elements that the original had.  I found the beautiful red mushroom picks and decided to substitute.  The point is you can use lots of different combinations as long as the texture and composition of each is different! 

Can't find a stump or someone to grind out the center?  No biggie - just pick bowl with about the same dimensions, I think brass would be amazing!

Don't have any hunting friends?  Hobby Lobby had resin antlers the last time I was there:)

  1. Use a little hot glue to stick your floral foam to the bottom of your stump/container.
  2. Trim the stems of the Salal leaves and poke into the floral foam - really fill it up!
  3. Next, nestle in the deer antlers - I didn't hot glue mine in because I wanted to be able to remove them easily if needed and they seem to be fine. 
  4. Now clump the hydrangea  - I did 3 main clumps and a couple smaller ones.
  5. Finally the Mushroom picks or other 'hard' element.

E' voila fabulous Fall floral arrangement!  Truly so easy - once you assemble your supplies it takes like 30 mins to finish this project.  


Happy Crafting!









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