Part loafer, mostly sneaker - this shoe is an easy wardrobe elevator!  Do you ever have that fashion moment where you think "Will I really wear this?", and then you get the item home and wear it with everything?  It's like finding $50 in your pocket.


This has just happened to me in the shoe department with the loafer sneaker that has been all over runways and fashion mags since Spring.  What made me finally take the plunge and buy a pair?  Target, part of my buying 'trifecta', had a great looking, inexpensive pair on an end-cap when I rolled by loaded down with groceries - I thought "why not?".  Bonus? - they are leopard print! 


Since then I have worn them 3 times -  in a week!   Other than running shoes, nothing goes on my feet more than that.  Twice I wore them with jeans out to the zoo and the museum with the littles, and then to pilates instead of flops.


After that, on a fashion mission, I convienced my friend Jam to buy some at Nordstrom - not all that hard, that girl loves to shop.  Hers are black with little silver studs.  She put them on immediately and got several complements just walking down to the next store.


Then, today, I saw in IG post from Lulu Frost  - whom I love! - showing this style shoe with a cute Mara Hoffman dress.  So look for me around town rocking that in the near future!  


Here are a few pics of outfit ideas to get you started!








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