Learn From My Mistakes!!

First, let me say that this is not the worst that could happen to someone, and I understand that.  Having given that acknowledgment, you should know that I screamed loud enough to bring all area adults running as I stared back in horror at my singed reflection.

Just in case you do not know, in Europe, you need both a plug convertor and a charge convertor - sometimes those 2 things are housed in the same device, sometimes not.  Maybe, I don't know, double check if you are about to plug in, say, a curling iron that normally heats to 450 degrees - because it can get seriously hotter!

Just so you won't decide that I am a complete moron, my husband, the tech guru in our house, had all electronic devices plugged in to recharge and I just grabbed one of their convertors on our first morning in London.  I was so tired that I really didn't want to wash and dry my hair, I just needed a little volume - holy lord.

At first I smelled something odd - Maybe London just doesn't smell good - curling continues....then I see smoke rising from my curling iron and when I pull it away from my head a HUGE chunk of hair came with it.  Yikes - really not a good look.

The bathroom trashcan looked like a small Pomeranian had died in it.

The worst part was smelling like burnt hair the entire week of touring London and Edinburgh - it doesn't really endear you with the locals, though my picture did earn a "Holy Shiite" from our Scottish tour guide:)


Your welcome for the warning - any tips on ultra-fast hair growth are appreciated!