This Summer has been one long journey for our family, and today we are off again - this time across a very large pond!...  London is calling.


The stress of how to keep my 3 boys occupied on the flight so that no one is tasored has been a little too much, so I have preferred to focus on what to wear:).  I really hate looking like a tourist and so Google is my best friend.  


Apparently, I should make sure and pack my jeans and dress casually.  Friends, 'casual' is hard for a Southern girl at any time, but on vacation we prefer to bring our most fabulous ensembles.  This very often leads me to an overstuffed suitcase with costumes that never see the light of day.   


This trip I am fighting the urge to bring an outfit for every possibility, and am instead bringing a very tight color pallet of clothing will allow me to walk all day and chase littles if needed.  Everything can be combined with white or navy, plus pieces for one nice outfit and one set of workout clothes.  (we will have access to a washer/dryer - no worries that I'll be the stinky American)


I am trusting that 3 things will keep my wardrobe interesting:

Surprisingly comfortable TOMS wedges

3 Amazing Vintage Silk Sari Scarves

1 pair completely fabulous Kendra Scott earrings


So, one week in London and Edinburgh.  Doing my best to make my country fashionably proud while keeping the 3 boys in line.  Did I mention that everything is packed in a carryon suitcase?


Stay tuned to see how this all plays out!