Never A Wallflower DIY - Cut Off Jean Shorts

The last time cut off jean shorts were really popular was the year I went to college - what I wonderful year:)!  The pair of shorts I took with me when I moved into Humes Hall at the University of Tennessee Knoxville were one of my very first DIY projects.  I took my Dad's Levi's - he was not happy about it as I had already confiscated his Navy Pea Coat and jean jacket - cut them off and splashed some bleach on them.  THEY...WERE...FANTASTIC!!!


When I started seeing them around fashion blogs this Spring, I knew I needed a new pair of cut offs.  I almost bought a pair instead of making my own - thank goodness for my dear friend Jameela who told me if I paid $150 for a pair of cut off jean shorts she would disown me:)


As in most things, Jameela was right, because the shorts I cut off myself are so much cooler than the ones I considered buying and sooooo easy to make!


All you need to do is go to your local thrift store and pick a pair that are 2-3 sizes larger than you normally wear.  These are not your skinny jeans, and you do not want them to be tight on your thighs - not pretty;

)  Next, get your sharpest scissors and cut the jeans leaving a 3-5 inch inseam.  Cut them on an angle SLIGHTLY higher on the outside edge.  If they are a little tight around your thigh, cut a 1 inch slit in the outside seam.

Wash your new favorite shorts to fray the edge and congratulate yourself on how thrifty you are!


I hope you love them!






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