Favorite Product Alert!

Hi Ladies!  


Recently a friend of mine asked that I start blogging about my favorite beauty products because I am such a product junkie!!  Any product I recommend is one that I use personally and, while I would love to be, I am not a paid spokesperson.


BY FAR!!! my favorite product find of the year for 2013 was NutraLuxe Lash MD.  Holy Moly does this stuff make your lashes grow!  I have to take little breaks from it or I begin to look ridiculous and have to trim my lashes. A 1.5ml tube lasts 5-6 months for me since I only use it once a day to once every other day.  At $36 it is the perfect price on Amazon!!!



My skin is sensitive living in Denver and at first this product was irritating so I just used it every 3-4 days until my skin was used to it.


Send us some pictures when your eyelashes are long enough to braid!  Special shout-out to Jameela Khadiwala for telling me about this product - love that you are a product hoarder too Jam!!





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